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SVR 3L- SVR 10 - SVR CV50/60

SVR 3L-SVR 10 - SVR CV50/60 finished products rubber Vietnamese standard, made ​​from latex harvested from rubber trees.

Latex water will be processed in grain will be dried at temperatures above 100 ° C and pressed into cakes, package to 33.33kg common standards or 35 kg.

A bright yellow rubber SVR 3L, suitable for the production of rubber products with high quality.


SVR 10

SVR 10 - Vietnam Rubber SVR 20 is standard made ​​from dried latex, latex cups and wires. At the plant, raw materials are handled strictly through many stages to remove all the impurities, dirt to ensure that the finished product meets the rubber standard TCVN 3769: 1995 State of Vietnam .

SVR 10 - SVR 20 is also processed in the form of cereal and dried at high temperatures. Pus following nuggets when dried will play, pressed into cakes 33.33 kg or 35 kg gold colored dark brown, suitable for the manufacture of tires and other rubber products made​​.

Rubber in cake form is wrapped in the layer of PE (LDPE melt at 102 degrees C) and placed in wooden box.



(source in Eximbank)
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