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Rubber suddenly pulled sustained not optimistic (24-04-2015)


Rubber suddenly pulled sustained not optimistic  



[Stock market] spot, the private market full latex 11,700 yuan Yunnan private whole milk / ton, a private label market price at 11,000 yuan / ton, the second offer private labeled at 10,700 yuan / ton, with futures rebound.External disk prices, RSS3-1720 dollars / ton and $ STR20-1420 / ton and $ SMR20-1440 / ton and $ SIR20-1460 / ton, up $ 20 / ton. Qingdao Bonded dollars RSS3-1690 / ton, SMR20-1380 dollars / ton and $ STR20-1410 / ton and $ SIR20-1370 / ton. Shanghai Futures Exchange warehouse April 21 compared with the previous day to reduce 1410 tons, a total of 99,480 tons.

[Market] According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers macroeconomic forecast, 2015 ChinaAutomotive will grow about 7 percent compared with 2014, the total is expected to reach 25.13 million, of which, the passenger car market sales rose 8 percent to 21.25 million, while commercial vehicles market sales increased 2.4 percent to 3.88 million.According to China`s central bank [microblogging], Chinese financial institutions in foreign exchange in March MoM decrease 156.476 billion yuan, marking the biggest drop since December 2007. In contrast February of foreign exchange chain increased 42.214 billion yuan.

[] The main contract RU1509 operating strategy throughout the day highest price 13,240, the lowest 12620, 13230 close, Masukura 26484 hands.Today intraday rubber (13175, 160.00, 1.23%) pulled a fast, continuous intense pressure to break multiple bits feel very suddenly, but an empty one is passive and discrete multi-stop admission to follow suit, resulting in the opening 40 minutes Zengcang reached 30,000 on hand. Aside fundamentals alone with technical terms, then the rubber part of the pattern of long rebound, the weekly MACD red columns appear magnified trends, above the range 13300-13500 is resistance. Observed in the past few days out of warehouse receipts, to understand the situation of a company have to pay the cash transfer canceled warrants State Reserve. Personally think quickly pulled sustainability today and will not be too long, only return if the price difference is widening again late stock sell-off amount was bound up, so short-term probability is too large. Rubber own fundamentals did not improve, there need to be cautious to do more, such as an empty one to avoid being weighed up weak before admission.

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(source in Eximbank)
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