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China`s rubber sector to grow slowly in 2015 (16-04-2015)


China`s rubber sector to grow slowly in 2015  

GUANGDONG, China—The growth of main-product output, export volume and export value of China1s rubber sector will slow down in 2015, said chairman of China Rubber Industry Association Deng Yali during her speech at the 2015China Rubber Conference in Guangzhou.

“However, the output of segments with high added value and great market potential is expected to show high increase,” she added.

This year steel wire braided rubber hose is likely to jump 32.4 percent in output to 536 million yards, in the backdrop of a 3.6 percent rise for rubber hose to 1.6 billion yards.

According to Deng, in 2014 the whole sector had a mere 0.1 percent profit growth, compared to an 18.5 percent increase in 2013. The tire segment showed a 4.4 percent profit drop.

It1s worth noticing that domestic tire makers had a 9.7 percent profit drop last year, while foreign-owned companies delivered a 16.7 percent profit growth,” Deng said.

The whole sector reported a 1.5 percent revenue growth in 2014 compared to 2.7 percent in 2013. Rubber products1 revenue reached $158 billion) last year, while the tire segment1s revenue has been falling for two consecutive years—its output, however, rose 6.2 percent to 562 million units last year.

The export value of China1s rubber sector grew 7.4 percent in 2014, compared to a 0.8 percent rate in 2013. The tire segment saw a 22.6 percent rise in export volume to 4.4 million tons but just 3.5 percent rise in export value.

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